Working with L’Arson Nuova means having both experience and competence at your disposal.
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Linear and switching electronic power supply units, both standard and custom models;
L’Arson Nuova designs, manufactures and sells power supply units for all industrial needs.

Power supply units are the heart of all those devices which are currently a staple of daily life: phones, toys, appliances, electro-medical devices, computers... a practically infinite market.

Many manufacturers make the choice of focusing on a few massively used products as the most advantageous. We have a different view: we do deal in a great range of standard-type linear and switching power supplies, which can be used on a great number of devices, but at the same time, as manufacturers, we design and build power supplies and battery chargers according to specific customer requests, so that they have unique characteristics and can adapt to the particular needs of any project.

Whether you need a standard linear power supply, or a custom-designed switching power supply made expressly for the device you want to manufacture, L’Arson Nuova has the product you need.

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THE COMPANY Ever since 1964, the year when we opened, L’Arson Nuova has been present, and in a prominent position, on the linear and switching power supply and battery charger market. The reason for such a lasting and successful presence doesn’t just lie in technical competence ... CONTACT US +39 02 99 89 684 Via L. da Vinci 47 20030 Senago MI   > MAP