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Ever since 1964, the year when we opened, L’Arson Nuova has been present, and in a prominent position, on the linear and switching power supply and battery charger market. The reason for such a lasting and successful presence doesn’t just lie in technical competence – although in a technological field like ours such is essential, and ours has been growing for the past 50 years – but even more in the peculiar way of looking at our job which we’ve had since day one and still maintain even today, with all our modern tools and state-of-the-art technology: that of an artisan.

The linear and switching power supply market, indeed, typically expresses needs which, just as often as they adhere to a standard, deviate from it in some specific way which is essential to a particular project.

And an artisan’s approach is what allows us to work on devising the specifically built and calibrated new power supply that’s perfect for any project, in each of these many cases – with full customer satisfaction. In all this, of course, the artisan’s approach is implemented through absolutely modern technologies and guarantees, from the constant quality control which is repeatedly made during all phases of manufacturing, to the automated product tests, to the CE certification which each of our standard or custom products earns before leaving our factory.

If the partner you were looking for is a manufacturer of linear and switching power supplies who can both give you standard products and custom-designed ones for your unique project, contact us right away!

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